Indian doctors interviewing for NHS roles in the UK may be interviewed using conference call, telephone or in person. Most interviewers will test a mixture of medical knowledge and ‘soft skills’.

What to expect at the interview ?

Overseas doctors being interviewed for work as a UK doctor will be expected to demonstrate their medical knowledge, English language competency, communication skills and understanding of the UK medical landscape and NHS framework.

Interview tips –

Be punctual

British people are very particular about timing and being late for a scheduled interview or another appointment is considered very rude. Make sure you arrive early, whether for a personal interview in a hospital or an online appointment.

Dress appropriately

For a personal interview, wear a suit. For a Skype appointment, dig out your favorite shirt and tie.

Do your homework

Read about and understand the culture and structure of the NHS. Clinical Audit, Governance, Research, Evidence-based medicine are recurring themes in the job interviews.

Perhaps, speak to your predecessor if feasible to understand what the job entails. Research the hospital and the part of the UK you would be making your home. Prepare a list of questions and don’t be afraid to ask them at the appropriate time during the interview.

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