International medical graduates (IMGs), including Indian doctors who wish to work in the UK, must satisfy immigration requirements. Successfully registering with the GMC and being offered a job has no impact on a doctor’s immigration status or eligibility to remain in the UK.

Immigration advise –                

The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulates immigration advice in the UK. As such, doc2uk is not qualified to give advice but can offer general guidance to improve your chances of successfully applying for a visa once you have received an offer for a doctor job in the UK.


Tier 2 (Shortage Occupation) Visa Process –

1, Following a successful interview, the NHS will issue a Certificate of Sponsorship – 3 weeks

2, The candidate will apply for a Tier 2 visa using the Certificate of Sponsorship – 1 week

3, Candidate will receive a decision from the UK government as to the application – 3 weeks

Documents to be submitted by Candidate upon application – 

-Certificate of Sponsorship.
-Proof of proficiency in the English language.
-Proof of sufficient savings.
-Proof of travel history for the last 5 years.
-Provision of tuberculosis test results.
-Provision of criminal record certificate.

Based on our research, main reason candidates from India are rejected is due to mistakes in document submission. At doc2uk, we will provide guidance on the application process for free in order to streamline the process.

Where can I find out more information about immigration requirements?

We recommend these resources for information about obtaining a visa to work as a doctor in the UK:

·      GOV.UK: Immigration rules.

·      BMA: An overview of UK immigration regulations.