We address most of your middle & senior grade recruitment

Our candidate selection and preparation are robust and incorporate the highest standards expected in the NHS.

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    NHS Enabled

    We started DOC2UK whilst part of NHS England's Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. Our database is big and our commitment to providing quality service is the best.

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    HTE Framework approved

    We adhere to the HTE Framework and NHS Employer's code of conduct for international recruitment. We are ISO 9001 & Cyber Essentials certified.

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    Digitised the journey

    Our state-of-the-art CRM platform makes recruiting suitable candidates efficient, cost-effective and faster. The average turnaround time is 8 weeks. 

We help NHS Hospitals recruit GMC registered doctors at all levels

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    All our doctors are vetted and validated to ensure there is no quality compromise. They are all GMC registered.

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    We shoulder the responsibility of candidate matching, compliance (OH, DBS) & support (GMC, Visa, Relocation, Bank account etc).

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    Innovation at heart

    At UCLPartners Innovation Fellowship, we learnt the ways to enhance our tech offering to make international hiring time & cost efficient.

Engage with us to address your current and future recruitment needs

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