Relocating to the UK as a specialty doctor is now easier

We help doctors with royal college membership prepare for interviews, find jobs, and relocate to the UK.

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    Career Development

    We found it hard to navigate through the system when we first came here. We provide a hand-holding & sign-posting service from our experience.

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    Improved Financial Dividends

    NHS salaries aren't the best in comparison to the US doctors' salaries. However, they are sufficient to lead a quality lifestyle here in the UK.

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    Enriching Experience

    The best part of working in the NHS is the ability to make the right decisions for the patient based on the best available evidence. 

We've got you Covered.

Based on the first-hand experience of moving to the UK from India, we understand the apprehensions of a new doctor and help to alleviate them. 

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    We ensure your journey into the UK NHS system is as hassle-free as possible. Interview prep, Visa guidance, Airport pick up, Sim card, Bank account etc., are all sorted before. 

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    Guidance & Prep

    We focus not just on placing you into your first job but provide seamless support to help you progress in your subsequent career.

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    Right Pay

    We match your experience and education level and advice you on appropriate salary negotiations.

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