Complaints Policy 2022


The DOC2UK policy on how to report complaints.

For current and future contractors and staff complaints against DOC2UK

  • For Customers and Clients of DOC2UK complaining about a DOC2UK worker, employee or affiliate.

If you are submitting a complaint against DOC2UK:

1) Please submit your complaint via email or letter. DOC2UK will notify you that we have received your complaint within five working days. (Please note: DOC2UK will accept any written complaints via any medium, but for processing purposes, we ask if all complaints correspondence is addressed to DOC2UK Management directly.)

2) We aim to resolve all complaints about DOC2UK or an affiliate within fifteen working days.

3) We will inform the DOC2UK worker, employee or affiliate within 5 working days of your complaint. They will be issued with the complaint in writing, either by email or letter. Every effort will be made to alert the DOC2UK worker, employee or affiliate that this complaint exists and;

4) We will urge the DOC2UK worker, employee or affiliate to provide their version of events also in writing, addressed to DOC2UK within five working days.

5) This response will be shared to the complainant and;

6) DOC2UK will work to ensure the act(s) or omission(s) complained of to DOC2UK will not happen during this period.

7) The complainant may ask for an update on the complaints process at any point during proceedings. We ask that this request is made in writing. We will endeavour to reply within 3-5 working days.

8) Once the complaint is processed (steps 1-7) we will send the complainant our response to the complaints, and if appropriate, details of any remedial action.

9) DOc2UK will ensure that they log the complaint so that if any patterns arise or have arisen, this can be noted and incorporated into the investigative log or report on the issue. This may affect future complaints proceedings against the person(s) complained about.


10) The complainant can, at any time, refer this complaint to the DOC2UK regulatory body. Please contact DOC2UK for details. We need to understand the nature of your complaint before we can advise you of further action.

Complaints Investigation Process

1) DOC2UK will endeavour to work with all parties concerned to investigate any complaints.

2) A full written record of the details of each complaint and of the action taken will be logged on the DOC2UK file management system.  

If there is evidence of malpractice or a complaint is an event that requires notification, DOC2UK will immediately notify the:

  • Care Commission,
  • The appropriate Professional Regulatory Body
  • The Police,
  • Protection of Vulnerable Adults or Children.